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The automatic retraction system is designed functionally to give the pilot complete manual control of the nose gear on the ground or in the air. It also has a sensing system that automatically extends the gear when a preset airspeed (preset at 100  knots) is reached as the aircraft decreases airspeed..

It also gives a complete indication of the status of the gear at all times. The automatic/manual control panel (2.2” x 1.6”) comes completely wired with a high current micro toggle switch and two dual color LED (Light Emitting diode) indicators.

The circuit components are chosen to allow the lightest most functional system. The indicators annunciate four retraction system conditions:

  • Gear up (top indicator amber),
  • Gear running down (top indicator green)
  • Gear down (lower indicator green)
  • Gear running up (lower indicator red).

The switch also has a center off position that is used mostly for ground operation. When the switch is in the center “off” position the amber up” and green “down” indicators will still indicate the gear position. If the gear is turned off in another position no indicators will be illuminated.

The automatic extension function actuates when the preset airspeed is reached and the manual switch is in the "UP" position. The system provides time delay after the circuit is triggered by a low airspeed to completely extend the nose gear. If after the time delay ( 20 seconds) is over, the airspeed is above the set point the gear will retract (assuming the manual switch is still in the "up" position).

For immediate retraction at any time such as on take off or slow flight a "AUTO DEFEAT" switch is provided on the control panel. The "AUTO DEFEAT" switch allows the pilot to defeat the automatic function for a preset time (20 seconds) by momentarily actuating the switch.

The control panel gear retraction wiring diagram provided with the unit recommends that the main ten ampere circuit breaker be wired ahead of the aircraft master switch. This allows the pilot to raise and lower the airplane at will on the ground for convenient ground handling and entry and exit form the canard type aircraft.

The wiring diagram also shows the automatic circuit module power wired behind the aircraft master switch. This setup allows the retraction system to be used on the ground with the master switch off. It also means that when the aircraft is ready for flight and the aircraft master switch is turned on the gear will automatically extend (if it is not already extended). This occurs because the airspeed is zero or very low. This setup also provides a check of the automatic system each time the aircraft is ready for fight.


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