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Although all noselifts perform the same basic function, there are significant differences between electric noselifts.   The most important difference is our unit has been specifically designed for installation in a canard aircraft.  All other manufactures of noselifts take a non-aviation product, highly modified it, resulting in a unit which has been adapted for use in a aircraft.

All other canard noselifts utilize a standard off the shelf ball screw linear actuator .  Parts are subsequently welded and/or attached to the standard unit to adapt it for installation in an aircraft. This method of adaptation results in a retraction system which is longer, heavier and requires significant modifications of the aircraft structure in order to facilitate installation.

The Custom Product Design's retraction unit is exactly what our name implies. All electrical components and circuits boards are selected and designed by an electrical engineer. The retraction unit is custom designed by a mechanical engineer, computer modeled, materials selected for aircraft application and all component parts are custom machined specifically for installation in a canard aircraft.

From ease of installation and removal, lightweight materials, long life and corrosion resistance this is the finest canard nose gear retraction system available for your plane.

Custom Product Design Typical unit on the market
Weight 12 lbs 16 lbs
Length (inches) 12.25 19.75
Ease of installation is a flying plane Very Easy Difficult
Ease of removal (for servicing) after installation Very easy Very difficult
Bolt in replacement for existing retraction system Yes No
Actuator assembly specifically designed for aircraft installation Yes No
Ability to repair and/or disassemble the actuator Yes Not Repairable
Interferes with Mark 3 trim bell crank No Yes
Do you need to cut/modify F-22 No Yes
Fiberglass work needed to install system No Yes
Will the unit interfere with existing radios / instruments? No (installs in front of F-22) Depends on your radios/inst install
All aluminum parts Anodized for corrosion? Yes No
Stainless steel support foot Yes No
Stainless Steel NG-3 Yes No
Built in shock absorber Yes No
Installed shock spring Internal External
Extension tubes (in fact all steel parts) 4130 steel Mild steel
Relays to control operation Yes Yes
Pre-wired Control Panel Yes Yes
Includes Battery backup emergency extension system and dynamic back drive brake Yes No
Optional Automatic Extension Module with time delays Yes No
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