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Nose Gear Pivot assembly with tapered roller bearings for Cozy MKIV aircraft.


Nose Gear Pivot assembly with tapered roller bearings for Cozy III, Long-EZ and VariEZ aircraft.


Special modified NG6E with threaded internal bearing spacers with two AN5-15A bolts. For use when the AN5-41A bolt cannot be removed without cutting or drilling holes in the fuselage.



Retrofit or new build kit to replace manual retract system. Recommended for VariEZ, Long-EZ, CozyIII, Cozy MKIV and Berkut.
See detailed description under retraction systems specifications.

Consists of:

NL2-12X Basic Actuator assembly
MKNG2A Stainless Steel Support foot to fit MKAA castering nose wheel assembly. (use NG2A for LongEZ).
NG3A and NG4A HD stainless steel brackets.
AWH-12E Wiring harness with plugs and low current switches driving relays with LED indicators prewired.
Includes plug and panel “AUTO DEFEAT” switch for AEX option and “EMERG. EXT”. Switch on control panel. Includes electrical emergency extension system. Includes sealed backup battery.
Complete installation instructions and drawings.

NL1-12EX kit




Steel Support foot to fit MKAA assy. for CozyMKIV. Fits MKAA.


Steel Support foot to replace NG2 for LongEZ. Fits NG401A.


HD stainless steel NG3A to replace NG3. not drilled.


NG4, Stainless steel short strut bracket, drilled.



Wiring harness with plugs and main ON/OFF/ON switch and LED indicators prewired. Motor load isolated by relays that also provide dynamic braking to limit back drive and stopping position precision. Includes plug and panel "AUTO DEFEAT" switch for AEX option and "EMERG. EXT." switch on control panel. Includes electrical emergency extension system that does not depend on system micro switches or aircraft power. Includes sealed backup battery.


12 volt Automatic Extension Electronic unit. Size & wt: 1.5" X 2.25" X 4.5",4.0 oz. (Includes Electronic module and installation instructions).


Landing brake electrical actuator kit for new build or retrofit. Includes actuator, brackets, mounting pad, hardware, prewired harness with engraved panel, LED position indicators, throttle switch for automatic retract on takeoff and pictorial installation instructions.


Castering nose wheel assembly for CozyMKIV. For use with 4"x 3" wide wheel and 10" tire.

Includes MKNG15A machined casting and MKNG16A machined fork casting.


Castering nose wheel assembly for VariEZ, LongEZ, and Cozy aircraft. For use with 4"x 2.5" wheel and

8" tire.

MKNG15B Machined casting.
NG16A Machined Fork casting.

(no wheel or 8” tire supplied)All parts of spring washer type shimmy damper installed.




4” Centrifugal cast aluminum nose wheel for MKAA only. Castering nose wheel assembly includes bearings,  bearing seals and custom fit bearing spacers for MKAA castering assembly.



4” Centrifugal cast aluminum nose wheel for NG401B only. Castering nose wheel assembly includes bearings,  bearing seals, and custom fit bearing spacers for NG401B castering assembly.



Optional unit for the NL1-12 actuator that senses air speed and extends the nose gear at air speed below 100 knots. Features time delay circuits for reliable control and reset functions. Plugs into wiring harness supplied with all NL1-12 actuators.





EZ-Rotary6 canopy latch. The EZ-Rotary canopy latch is designed for retrofit or new build product for VariEZ, Long EZ, Cozy, and Cozy MKIV aircraft. The plans type canopy latch and variations of it require an access door to unlatch and raise the canopy. The EZ-Rotary latch uses the original latch handle and eliminates the access door and allows access from inside or outside of the aircraft by use of a key. A fore and aft adjustable mounting bracket is provided that mounts with two screws to the under side of the longeron. Anodized aluminum construction. Installation time is one hour.

See the down load page for the complete installation instructions.

Front and back view LongEZ installation


Electronic Trim Controller. This unit is designed especially for aircraft that have a large difference between cruising speed and landing speed where trim adjustment is very sensitive at cruise and much less sensitive at landing. However, it could be used on any experimental aircraft that uses a 12 volt dc motor driven actuator such as Thompson, Firgelli, Strong, etc. Uses SPDT stick mounted miniature switches with pilot switch priority, Trim motor pulse width modulation(PWD) adjustable speed control, full speed motor start pulse, full speed trim after adjustable time delay on low speed, and inputs for trim control from a auto pilot (Trio Avionics or others) with pilot trim priority. In use the pilot can adjust the trim with great precision by holding the trim switch down for anything less than two seconds (adjustable from .5 to 4 sec). If the switch is held greater than 2 seconds the PWM cuts out and the trim motor goes into full speed allowing the pilot to get full trim quickly as is often needed during landing. During auto pilot operation the auto pilot automatically adjust the trim for the least need for correction by the servo. However, if the pilot wishes to override the auto pilot he can do so without disengaging the auto pilot.


Three Lever Throttle Quadrant.


The TQ-1 is a three lever throttle quadrant designed to fit in the center console of the Cozy MKIV aircraft. The TQ-1 can only be used when an electric landing brake actuator is used. It cannot be used when the standard plans landing brake actuator is used. The TQ-1 is designed to be used with push pull cables (used on aircraft and boats) that have .375 dia. grooved fittings on their outer cable ends. The center lever (mixture control) can be used as a push or pull with respect to push of the lever, by changing where the clevis is attached  to the lever. The other two levers can only be used as push cables.

The cables and clevises are not supplied with the TQ-1



LongEZ, Cozy and Cozy MKIV custom made parts, as shown in the plans are also available. Please send list of parts required for quotation and lead time to email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Prices do not include shipping and packing costs.
International and domestic shipping cost for items valued more than $200 must be individually quoted. All other items are $25 for shipping and packing unless included in a nose lift kit.

Payment may be made bank check, by direct bank wire transfer (bank info on request). Fees for these payment methods will be quoted on request. PayPal is no longer acceptable due to changes in rates and policy

Prices subject to change without notice.
Make checks payable to Jack Wilhelmson


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