I think I mentioned to you that I originally purchased the Noselift because of chronic left shoulder pain from 10 years of lifting my Long EZ. I was at the point of having to face the end of my EZ career, not to mention my absence from the golf course. Now after using the Noselift for two years my shoulder has mended, I can continue the enjoyment of my Long EZ and my golf game is improving. It should be a no-brainer for all canard drivers to install the Noselift to eliminate the possibility of physical injury. If I added up the cost of medical bills and the amount of Advil I have taken over the years, it would exceed the cost of your wonderful product. Thanks again and as we say on the links, "You da man".

Don Druckenbrodt,  Long EZ N129DD,  Dallas, TX



I wanted to tell you how pleased I was of the rotary canopy latch. It is well designed, well built, and easy to install. I retro fitted it in a Varieze. Works great and looks better than the old method.


Dave Gibboney  05/20/2016